Academic Exemption Submission Form



Education and Examination Currency Requirements:

  • Fee Charged:
    1. $100 nonrefundable administrative evaluation fee per form
    2. $100 per Academic exemption when granted. CSI will contact you for payment once evaluation is completed and if exemption(s) are granted.
  • Courses that were taken more than 10 years ago are not eligible for an exemption.
  • CSI Licensing courses are non-exemptible.
    1. Canadian Securities Course (CSC®)
    2. Investment Funds in Canada (IFC)*
      * If you have taken the Canadian Investment fund course from The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) you may request an exemption.
    3. Conduct and Practices Handbook Course (CPH®)
    4. Wealth Management Essentials (WME®)
    5. Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing Course (DFOL)
    6. Investment Management Techniques (IMT®)
    7. Advanced Investment Strategies (AIS)
    8. Portfolio Management Techniques (PMT®)
    9. Partners, Directors and Senior Officers Course (PDO)
    10. Branch Compliance Officer’s Course (BCO)
    11. Investment Dealer Supervisors Course (IDSC)
  • Courses that did not have a proctored examination generally do not qualify for an exemption.
Note: Four to six weeks are required to process this request, providing all the supporting documents are included.

Each form must include the following:
  • An Official transcript
  • A copy of the table of content or course syllabus is required for all courses that are requested for evaluation
1. Download and complete the “Course Indication Form” to indicate which courses you are requesting an exemption(s).
2. Upload the “Course Indication Form” along with your supporting documentation for this request.

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I have read CSI’s Policies and Guidelines including the Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Student Code of Conduct described on the website at and agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in it.

CSI’s privacy policy is designed to protect your personal information. This policy describes the personal information that CSI requires, how it will be used and under what circumstances it may be distributed to third parties. Very briefly, CSI needs to obtain certain information about you to enrol you in a course and to match your results to your academic file. Without it, we cannot accept you as a student as we wouldn’t be able to create a student record for you. We will ask for information such as your name, address and credit card number. We will only ask for the information we need, we will keep it safe and we will not sell or distribute it to anyone else. We may share it with our suppliers to better serve you, to compile records or to report to the regulators. We will not give any information to your employer unless you complete the information release consent form, or breach CSI’s Student Code of Conduct.

By signing and submitting this document, I confirm that I understand and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information by CSI and I agree to abide by the CSI Student Code of Conduct.

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INFORMATION RELEASE CONSENT (Release of your information to employers or educational institute)

In addition to CSI’s Privacy Policy above, I hereby consent to CSI disclosing to my current or future employer or educational institute my personal information as to: (i) my status with CSI and (ii) my performance in CSI courses. I acknowledge I may be eligible for preferred pricing rates negotiated between CSI and my employer and I understand that I must accept this agreement to receive such pricing. I further understand that CSI may contact my employer about my eligibility for discounted pricing rates. Further, I consent that from time to time I may be contacted by my employer or CSI for the purpose of (i) providing personal information to CSI to allow it to consolidate and calculate my compliance with regulators’ education requirements of me, and (ii) disclosing such information to my employer to facilitate management of its compliance requirements with regulators. The consent provided herein may be revoked, in whole or in part, by me by providing CSI with ten (10) business days prior written notice delivered to 625, René-Lévesque Blvd West, Suite 400, Montreal (Quebec) H3B 1R2, CANADA, attention: Customer Support. By doing so, I acknowledge that I may continue to enrol in and subscribe for CSI’s academic services but that (i) CSI’s academic services will not be made available to me at a discount, and (ii) I will be responsible for paying the incremental fees applicable to private students.