Information Release Consent Agreement



CSI will not disclose a student’s personal information (i.e., enrollment information, student marks and performance) to anyone, including his/her employer(s), without the student’s prior written consent. There are three exceptions to this policy:

  1. CSI may provide student information to industry regulators including but not limited to the provincial securities commissions, stock exchanges and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (“Regulators”), who are already entitled to student information.
  2. CSI may notify a student’s employer or the Regulators of the relevant details, depending on the outcome of CSI’s student discipline process, under circumstances when a student has been involved in unethical practices, such as cheating on an examination.
  3. A situation could arise in which CSI’s disclosure of student information is required by law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order.


I consent to CSI collecting, using and disclosing my personal information to: (i) provide me with the Services; (ii) to contact my employer about my eligibility for the Preferred Pricing Rates; and (iii) to disclose my status with CSI and my performance in CSI courses to my employer. Further, I consent that from time to time I may be contacted by my employer or CSI for the purpose of: (i) providing personal information to CSI to allow it to consolidate and calculate my compliance with the Regulators’ continuing education requirements of me; and (ii) disclosing such information to my employer to facilitate management of its compliance requirements with the Regulators.

The consent provided herein may be revoked, in whole or in part, by me by providing CSI with ten (10) business days prior written notice delivered to 625, René-Lévesque Blvd West, Suite 400, Montreal (Quebec) H3B 1R2, CANADA. By doing so, I acknowledge that I may continue to enroll and subscribe for the Services but that the Services will not be made available to me at Preferred Pricing Rates. Students who revoke their consent forfeit any preferred pricing and will be responsible for paying the incremental fees applicable to private students.

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NOTE : Applicable refunds will be processed only if your request is received within thirty (30) days of the processing of your order.