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(Applicable to the Purchase of Multiple Frames Shipped to One Address Within Canada)



To view the descriptions and details of the available frames, please refer to the following link:

Please enter quantity of the frame(s) you want to order.
CIM® Designation Certificate
11” x 14”
PFP® Designation Certificate
11” x 14”
CIWM Designation Certificate
12″ x 15″ vertical frame
Course Certificate
8.5” x 11” wooden frame
Course Certificate
8.5” x 11” metal frame
All Other Certificates
11” x 14” wooden frame
All Other Certificates
11” x 14” metal frame
Moody’s Course Certificate
11” x 14”
IMPORTANT: Frame Shipping & Handling Fees (Within Canada Only) – For the first two frames in a single order, S&H fee is $32. For each additional frame included in the same order, an additional S&H fee of $15 applies.


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